LUXURY meets ACTIVE amane


A new and extraordinary experience called
"Active Stay."
It is staying with refreshing activities.

It's about
A fusion of luxury and activity, with a focus on hospitality.
“amane” is a crossover resort for adults where you can enjoy the beauty and healing of the sea with a sense of elegance and dynamism.


A condominium-style residence with a private kitchen where you can enjoy your time by the sea in an elegant and active manner.
Seasonal seafood cuisine prepared by our chef.
Our staff will coordinate all the details, including table settings!
In-room dining or private terrace for your dining pleasure
Public spaces include a lounge with a wine cellar and an ocean terrace with spectacular views.
In addition, a stylish beach cruiser is available for shopping in the neighborhood or biking along the seaside!

Ocean terrace

Terrace for a journey through sea time

The Ocean Terrace is amane's signature place. On a clear day, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Izu Peninsula and Izu Oshima Island, as well as the beautiful Mount Fuji over Sagami Bay. Please spend an exhilarating time with a free drink in hand, relaxing and enjoying the ever-changing seascape. The atmosphere becomes even more romantic at dusk when the indirect lights are turned on. Watch the lights of distant ships floating in the darkness, or look up at the stars that are so bright that they cannot be contained within your field of vision. The breathtaking beauty of the sunrise from here is also exceptional.

Guest Room


1 minute walk to the beach!
Condominium-style residence connected to the ocean


Includes a luxurious private sauna where you can enjoy
the ultimate routine of jumping into the sea.


A private residence where you can enjoy your time
with your loved ones and dogs.


A seaside art villa that promises exclusive romantic time and view

Special Meal

Breakfast and dinner
Elegant in-room meals are available for breakfast and dinner.

At amane, our chef prepares meals in the morning and evening, and are served in the privacy of your room. Please enjoy the authentic taste of our restaurant-like cuisine in a relaxed and elegant atmosphere.


The menu includes a flavorful bouillabaisse using local caught seafood, a bistro-style menu such as grilled and steamed whole chicken, seasonal appetizers that go well with wine, and barbecue ingredients.

Our staff will come to your room at the designated time and finish your meal in front of you. Please enjoy the taste of freshly prepared food by our dedicated chef and butler.

All of the items are full of surprises which will entertain you and your loved ones in the elegant and relaxing atmosphere of your room.

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The dinner dishes are generous in volume. If you can't finish it, you can store it in the refrigerator in the kitchen and enjoy it as a snack for the rest of the night evening. Of course, you can also use it as a part of your morning menu to make your table even more luxurious! For breakfast, we offer Western breakfast items such as fresh vegetable salads, homemade smoothies, and savory hot sandwiches baked on the table.

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Approx. 90 by car
from the Tokyo metropolitan area

1016 Motona, Kyonan-cho, Awa-gun, Chiba 299-1901
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